• Location: Queensland
  • Hearing Loss Type: High-Frequency sensorineural hearing loss
  • Hobbies: Harley's, Video Editing, Sound Engineering, Cooking, Woodwork

My Hearing Journey

In the early 90's I was still hearing as high as 16Khz and by 2003 I was wearing hearing aids and suffered chronic tinnitus. Over the following years I also developed recruitment to unexpected and random sounds. The greatest impact of my hearing loss was on my family and my ability to work in the live music production industry.
After over a decade of trialling different products, I had almost given up on trying to find a solution that would enable me to hear properly again, until I met an audiologist who put me onto a Cochlear Implant Pathway. I did a lot of research online, and joined a support group called CICADA so I could talk to recipients of cochlear implants which was the most helpful and supportive part of my journey. I also started an Online VLOG series "My Cochlear Journey" in the hope sharing what I had learned to be able to benefit others.

Life with My Implant

I was implanted in October 2020, after a 9 month delay due to COVID-19. Processors come and go, the one thing you can not easily change in the future is the implanted electrode array itself, which is why I chose MED-EL. I believe their SYNCHRONY 2 implant, with 12 individual channels all able to be mapped with different frequencies. and MAPped using a CT Scan generated map is years ahead of the rest.
It’s early days, but some highlights so far have been that I have retained some residual hearing, and am amazed that I am able to hear the cicada’s (7-8Khz).

My Role as A Mentor

My own journey has resulted in me wanting to help and empower others with the support and information they need to make an informed and educated choice and to have their best life. I hope to share my research with others, so that they don’t walk this journey alone and understand what options are available to them, things that they might not have been told by their audiologist and ENT.

My Top Tip

Join a support group, both online and if possible, in your local area. Meet with like-minded individuals who have been on the road you are about to travel.