• Location: Western Australia
  • Hearing Loss Type: Severe to profound bilateral sensorineural hearing loss
  • Hobbies: Gardening, knitting, reading, jigsaw puzzles, helping people in need

My Hearing Journey

I was born deaf, but it wasn’t detected until I was 2yrs old. I speak, I lipread and I sign Auslan. I had hearing aids at age 8, and my first cochlear implant when I was age 36. It was a very difficult decision, but I knew that if I didn’t have a cochlear implant I would be in a totally silent world for the rest of my life. I wanted so badly to hear sounds, speech and music. I had my second cochlear implant in my other ear at age 48. I had a reimplantation of my first cochlear implant at age 61. I didn’t get a choice of brand for my first cochlear implant, but I did for my second, and choosing MED-EL was the best decision.

Life with an Implant

My life has changed so much since I received my first cochlear implant. Every new sound I heard, joy just spilled out of me and brought me to tears of enormous gratitude.
To hear my daughter laughing, singing and talking was my greatest highlight, and then it progressed from there to hear other people, the environment, the wind rustling through the trees was breathtaking. Music in church, choirs, instrumental music, laughter of children and their little chatter, having a meaningful conversation with a friend

My Role as A Mentor

I know I can help others who are struggling to find a solution to their deafness at whatever level they are experiencing it. I struggled with the unknown, and the best information I received was from someone who was deaf like me, and they helped me understand how they dealt with their experiences.

My Top Tip

My advice is to ask yourself what do you really want in your heart that would make a big difference to you personally to help you move on in life.