• Location: South Australia
  • Hearing Loss Type: Bilateral conductive hearing loss
  • Hobbies: Music, Art, Swimming, Movies, and Travel

My Hearing Journey

I had many ENT surgeries from early childhood including three mastoid surgeries. In 2007 a surgeon obliterated my middle ear and mastoid due to infection and closed my ear canal. From the age of 35 I had conductive loss in my left ear.
Initially I lived and coped with the loss for eight years, but after suffering chronic tinnitus, I approached my ENT Surgeon who recommended trying a bone conduction processor. I initially used Cochlear BAHA (Attract / Magnet) System for 5 years, but struggled with the magnets (which were painful and irritating), “static feedback”, and not being able to wear it in water, which was important to me as a swimming instructor.

In 2020, I began to research about BONEBRIDGE, for which MED-EL was able to provide a solution for implanting the small sized BCI-602, and the lifestyle options made the BONEBRIDGE with SAMBA the “gold class” choice.

Life with My Implant

It's early days, but the decision is right. The sound is clearer and more natural and provides better directional hearing (than BAHA). SAMBA is so light weight one I sometimes forget I am wearing the processor, and I'll be able to swim with it with the waterproof covers.

My Role as A Mentor

I think I can be an excellent mentor to assist people trying to decide between different devices, as I have lived experience of another system.

My Top Tip

Do lots of research to explore all options that might be available to you.